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Japanese Heavy Trucks

Japanese Heavy Trucks

Heavy  Japanese Used Trucks :-

The brands available for  for Japanese used trucks
being displayed are:-

      1. Nissan

      2. Mitsubishi Fuso

      3. Hino

      4. Isuzu

         5.Mercedes Benz


           About Japanese Heavy Trucks  


                 Japanese Heavy Trucks Industry Enjoys Increased Sales and Profits


After years of lackluster sales, Japanese heavy trucks manufacturers are now beginning to see increased sales and profits.

This turnaround does not appear to be coming from an improving economy, but rather from the enforcement of a diesel trucks control ordinance that goes into effect in October in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama prefectures. Heavy trucks that fail to meet these new regulations will not be allowed to drive through these areas.

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To make sure that their fleets comply with the stricter diesel-emission regulations, trucking companies are retiring older trucks and buying replacement vehicles. While retrofit technology is available, many trucking companies and fleet operators find it more economical to buy new vehicles, which are equipped with the latest diesel-emission control technology.

This compliance strategy is reflected in the sales figures of Japanese heavy trucks .For example, manufacturers report that Japanese heavy trucks sales increased 36.7 percent between January and July 2003 compared with the same period last year. Hino, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan Diesel have reported year-on-year sales increases of more than 20 percent.

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However, no one expects the trend to continue. When the trucking fleets finish replacing their vehicles, analysts believe the domestic heavy trucks market again will drop off because the economy itself is not growing fast enough to sustain the industry.

Consequently, Japanese Heavy trucks makers are turning their attention to cutting costs and building sales in the growing markets of China, Africa and other parts of the world .We at Wan tai supply all makes of Japanese heavy trucks, cars and heavy machinery, and industrial equipment such as fork lifts and cement mixers .As one of the largest truck dealers in Singapore and the main supplier of trucks to the construction and timber industries in South East Asia, we offer a comprehensive heavy vehicle and machinery service.


Isuzu, for example, is set to export 13,000 large and midsize trucks to Southeast Asia and China in fiscal 2003, up 40 percent from a year ago. Hino expects to rapidly increase its exports due to anticipated growth in the Thai, Chinese and other Asian vehicle markets. Largely due to its strong sales to Southeast Asia, Mitsubishi Fuso exported 52,000 trucks last year, and anticipates a further increase in 2003. Nissan Diesel, meanwhile, saw its trucks exports at the beginning of April jump 50 percent from the same period a year ago, largely because of brisk demand in China. Hino Motors Ltd. produces over 70,000 trucks and buses each year and is a market leader in the Japanese Heavy truck market. Hino is currently supplying its new conventional product line from its Japan based manufacturing facilities. Beginning in November of 2004, the new trucks will be produced in the United States in Hino’s Long Beach, CA manufacturing facility. Toyota owns controlling interest of Hino Motors Ltd. Mercedes Benz has been the name of the world's one of the most innovative heavy truck brand for more than 100 years now.

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Because of greatly improved market conditions at home and abroad, most manufacturers are extending production runs to Saturdays and hiring part-time workers. With the exception of Hino, trucks makers also continued production during the August shutdown period. Isuzu, for example, kept production lines open at its Fujisawa and Kawasaki plants during three of these days. Nissan Diesel extended production runs for two days at three plants. It also added 200 term contract employees in May to work on Saturdays.

Importers are also benefiting from the increase in sale of Japanese heavy trucks. In July, DaimlerChrysler introduced a new edition of its Actros large trucks in Japan. The company hopes that the introduction of Japan’s tougher diesel-emission regulations will lead to higher replacement demand for its product. Whether it's for distribution work or for tough jobs on the construction site, the Actros leads the way. Economical, powerful, comfortable, unbeatable, the Actros is the best choice for extensive work in heavy-duty trucking .Japanese heavy trucks manufacturers are expected to deliver outstanding performances in future.






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