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For almost 90yrs ,ISUZU vehicles have been engineered with a passion and dedication to push the limits of capability, while defining the perceptions of value .As a result, the ISUZU name is recognized worldwide for its leadership and innovation .In 2000, Isuzu Motors Ltd. continued to hold its position as Japan's largest truck manufacturer of total combined medium- and heavy-duty trucks categorized by a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of at-least 6.1 tons (14,000 lbs) and over 16.1 tons (33,001 lbs) respectively. Isuzu moved up one rank to number four in the world market in 2000, compared to its 1999 figures.

Isuzu's ranking modestly improved one place up in 2000 with a slight recovery of the domestic demand. In 1999, Isuzu was number five due to the recession in Japan and South East Asia.

In the category of Japanese Heavy Trucks, Isuzu is still the largest truck manufacturer in Japan, due to its market strength in heavy trucks and the larger class of N series/Elf light duty.

In the 2000 ranking, there are three U.S. truck manufacturers in the top 10, while there were five in the 1999 ranking. The U.S heavy duty truck market is contracting due to the recession that began in 2000.


                    ISUZU HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS


The C&E Series of heavy-duty trucks and tractor units has been designed under the concept of "Tough and Harmonious." The series offers the ultimate in durability, power and performance, and friendliness to work with the environment and the driver by using low-emission engines and total safety and comfort. The result is a redefinition of what heavy-duty trucks should be.

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Model variations

The C&E Series offers two basic variations that can be further configured to meet specific needs. The C Series truck lineup consists of 4 x 2 CVR (16,800 kg GVM), 6 x 4 CXZ (26,000/29,000 kg GVM) and 8 x 4 CXH (30,000/38,000 kg GVM). The E Series includes 4 x 2 EXR (41,000 kg GCM) and 6 x 4 EXZ (45,000/55,000/65,000 kg GCM) tractors.


Featuring rounded corners, aerodynamic styling and soft curves, the new C&E Series vehicles are in a class by themselves. The overall cab and instrument panel have been designed to ensure that long hours behind the wheel does not result in driver fatigue.

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10PE1, turbo-charged 6WA1-TC and turbo-charged 6WF1-TC engines are available for the C Series trucks, generating 250 kW, 265 kW and 287 kW output, respectively. They all achieve superior fuel economy with lower emissions, making them easier on the environment and the operator's bottom line. In addition to these three engines, the engine lineup of the E Series tractor includes the turbo-charged 6WG1-TC engine, which provides the largest output with massive 316 kW.


                  ISUZU MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS


The Isuzu F Series medium-duty trucks provide excellent driver comfort, easy maintenance and lower emissions. These trucks are built to work in total harmony with the driver, the environment and the application. That's why they are called "The Perfect Partner" in our advertising.

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Model variations

The F Series vehicles are available in several basic configurations. The 4 x 2 FRR (9,000 kg GVM), medium duty trucksFSR (11,000 kg GVM), FTR (13,500-14,200 kg GVM) and FVR (15,000/16,000/17,000 kg GVM); 4 x 4 FSS (10,000 kg GVM) and FTS (13,000 kg GVM); and 6 x 2 FVM and 6 x 4 FVZ (both weigh 21,000 kg GVM) designations describe each version's particular area of expertise.


The new F Series cab ushers in an era of aerodynamic styling in the 21st century. The cab's rounded corners cut wind resistance to improve vehicle performance. In addition to the standard cab, drivers can select the high-roof cab option for the ultimate in terms of comfort and versatility. A bigger windshield for improved visibility, more interior space, reclining seats with optional air suspension, powerful climate control, ergonomically designed instrument panel and much more give even higher levels of comfort.

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Three engine variations are offered. The 8,226 cc 6HH1-N offers 129 kW, the 6HH1-S provides 147 kW with the same displacement, and the 9,839 cc 6SD1, the largest engine available, outputs 177 kW. All three engines have enhanced fuel efficiency for improved fuel economy and clean-burning power.




The Isuzu N Series light-duty trucks have long ranked number one in the industry worldwide thanks to their superb performance and design technology. Every aspect of the N Series has a history of improvement for maximum comfort, toughness and reliability, as well as environmental friendliness. The N Series is perfect for a wide range of applications to satisfy owners in more than 70 countries.

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Model variations

Members of the N Series family are: NHR (3,100-3,500 kg GVM), NKR (4,100-5,500 kg GVM), NPR (5,700-7,000 kg GVM) and NQR (8,000 kg GVM). All of them are 4 x 2. Single Cab, which comes in Flat Bed and Low Bed types, and Crew Cab are available for NHR and NKR. NPR and NQR come in Flat Bed type of Single Cab.wantai light trucks


The rounded "aerocubic" cab style cuts wind resistance, lowering wind noise. A high roof cab design is standard. The spacious, high roof cab design makes entry and exit easy, and also enables the driver to find the optimum driving position. A large windshield and side windows help prevent driver fatigue.wantai light trucks

Enginesjapanese light trucks wantai

Isuzu diesel engines boast exceptional reliability and durability, which are the reasons for the popularity of the N Series. The powerful 4JB1, 4HG1 or 4HF1 engines feature direct injection for better fuel consumption. In particular, the 4HF1 and the 4HG1 engines with overhead camshaft feature excellent combustion efficiency with high power output, producing less exhaust.





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